Monday, April 13, 2009

Winners and Losers: April 14th, 2009

Hopefully, my posts will be more balanced and not just rants on the inequities of here is a stab at a format that some might like....I call it winners and losers

U.S. Navy Seals and Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama

---Seriously, this guy took one for the team. He chose to serve himself up as a hostage to spare his crew. What a hero! Some people talk brave, others live it...give this guy a medal. And then the SEALs! 3 simulataneous shots from 75 feet away into moving targets and all that is some serious professional shooting! To top it all off they got a criminal in custody and the brave captain gets to go home to see his family. All of this on a day when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the chance at new life through God's grace. Too many blessings to count here.

The Somali pirate scumbags

---Hopefully i will not offend anyone's sensibilities here, but what a bunch of scumbags. With a country has a level of corruption that would make an Illinois politician proud and nothing in the way of controls to keep these lunatics from attacking...what are we to do? Well, atleast this time 3 of them are taking a dirt nap while their families back home mourn their passing...LESSON: Dont be a scumbag pirate or you may get shot by one of America's Finest! Our Navy's mission (as i learned in high school) is to "Control the Seas and deny their use to a potential enemy". Hey Washington, dont you think that renegage states like Somalia and freelance pirates fall into the mission statement? I hope this sobers those bastards up some, but if it doesn't I hope we make it very clear that piracy will not be tolerated!

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