Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27th --- Baseball, Politics, and Poor Investments

OK, so the Cards didn't show up to play Sunday. 10-3 loss to the Cubs not withstanding, it still was cool to be down there, in a box suite, and watchin the game (many thanks to my current employer for the great seats). Also, driving to the metro stop at Brentwood and takin the train there and back costs the same in terms of time but shaves about 20 dollars off the whole experience...just a thought...go Metro, save on parking and hassle.

Tonight, Pineiro pitches another gem as the Cards take game 1 against the "Bravos" 3-2. I grew up watching and loving everything the Braves did. Those were the days of Maddox, Avery, Smoltz and those were very good days.

On to politics...what the h3ll is up with GM? I swear its like they slept with a hooker and fell in love! Who sells a business to the Gub-Mint and the UAW. (Basically the communist 1-2 punch). So GM is going to scrap Pontiac in the near term, get rid of Saturn, Hummer, and Saab in the long term and give half of their company to the government and the unions to pay back some debt...WOW, guess i will be buying Ford soon (I drive a Pontiac now and love it by the way). Thanks GM and Obama for making sure that when i am ready to trade, my value is somewhere between a floating terd and the brown stains on the toilet seat that dont come off with bleach.

Speaking of our Premier, i mean President...seems as if the Franklin Mint and others have figured out a way to swindle millions of Americans. Not suprising as a "sucker is born every minute"---P.T. Barnum... but still...did anyone out there actually buy the 19.95 coin collection with his majesty's face on the quarters? Channel 5 here just ran piece where they exposed the coins as being very poor quality, only worth 1.25 but costing over 36.00 to the unsuspecting public hoping to cash in on a historic event in our history....People, wake up and take notes! The analogy was too perfect to pass up. You buy this coin collection for an investment of over 36.o0 after all fees only to find out that the paint peels off and its maximum value is 1.25 or the original value of the coins. The infrastructure of this country is being bought high (with your tax dollars) and will be sold low (probably to china in the form of debt)...all for what? That is the question you need to be asking! What is this country gaining? What has it gained so far? Has anything really improved? Would it have been better for the "Free Market" to have dicatated the course of this recession? History will show that this government's meddling did more to damage honest, hard working Americans than anything "big business" could have done. So please, keep your "commemorative coins" kids and grandkids will have enough debt to pay off that i am sure no one will forget this president or his legacy

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