Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20th, 2009---Wish i had seen that truck coming!

What the Hell happened this weekend? Here i was all in a flutter about how great the sports outlook here in town was going to be and just like that POOF! The sports gods givith and (if you are from the Lou) they totally pick pocket it back and leave you holding the check! DUDE! just hanging my head in shame about how the Cards let the Cubs get back into this thing. I guess the post-poned game on Sunday was a good thing after all.

And, what's up with the Blues? If they sucked i would understand, but they dont...they just look like they do. To steal a thought from the great Post-Dispatch Sports Writer Bernie Miklasz "the blues killed penalties like the Cardinals protect late inning leads." PERFECT! 3rd best in the NHL against the Powerplay, but they all of a sudden have a team stroke in the second period Sunday? They had a chance to put up a W and let it just wash away in a horrible second period. Lets hope they dont cough up their last chance to play in front of home ice this year and end the season by being the first team swept out of the playoffs.

On a lighter note: I did get to see some scoring this weekend. My hats off to the kids from the dark blue and light blue teams that squared off on a cool and damp Saturday morning to do battle on the mini-fields of O Fallon, MO. Good defense, offense and getting up after falling down. Lots of muddy knees and bruised spirits but everyone had fun.

Well, Happy Monday all...(and to sneak in some politics) Hope everyone brushes up on their spanish skills and Karl Marx trivia as it looks like Obama is going to sell us out to the latin 3rd world. Seems that all of the strife in the world is our (that is W's) fault. Somebody please find out what the book was that Hugo Chavez gave to our fearless leader...I think its: "How to be a tin-pot communist dictator while people love you: An Autobiography of Hugo Chavez" And i even think that Obama did the forward...maybe this is just his signed copy.

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