Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16th...Running the bases

Another typical weekend. Get to listen to my 20 month old cry all day about god knows what...except..i got to get out of the house today! Took wifie and boy to the ball game. It was kids run the bases day so the boy got to go down on the field to run afterwards. Plan to post some pics and vids as soon as i figure this out! Well, here's to tomorrow and more crying!

Hate it that the Cards couldn't win today. Wainright did everything right except for 1 pitch which happened to be the difference in today's 1-0 game against the brew crew. Way too many brewers fans in the stands for my taste...geez, its like they are trying to act like cub fans or something...just strange. And it was COLD! I was actually considering the words wind chill to describe a mid may day at the ball park. Sucks! brewers in 1st cards in 2nd/3rd in the division with no end in sight. gonna be a long season, hang in there

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11th, Not much to say

Pretty typical post-mother's day monday. Got up, brushed teeth, went to work, go home, soccer practice, brush teeth, go to bed. At least that is what i think is going to happen, who knows...if anything my life is about the unexpected (often horrifying) and not normal in any way. I was reading today an article in the post about a look back at what was going on in the Civil War in this area. Thus ensued an arguement that included racism accusations, liberal vs. conservative, bush and obama bashing, the works. I think bottom line is that people have A LOT to say, and are getting things out in these little tiny comment forums.

While i am of the opinion that opinions are kind of like your rear ends (everybody has one and they usually all stink)...i still think that insanity is far worse than expressing an opinion. Even if that opinion is lame, ludicrous, or just plain stupid. So, can i propose that we create a site for anyone and everyone to just randomly post thoughts...We can even seperate them into sections that make sense. We will not restrict free speech, but we will not allow threads of arguements. simply a place for people to vent. Maybe it will work, maybe not...

Oh well, off to soccer practice, listening to my dear 20month old son wine and cry and otherwise have a fabulous night.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7th---Been a while, how u doin?

Geez, what a week! it has just flown by. Has anyone ever had one of those weeks where you say, gosh i was so busy and the time went so fast but when you sit down and cant remember anything you did? Well, that's me. I feel like i must have wasted an entire week, but i know i didn't. I cant tell if i was just relaxing and re-charging or if i am just overwhelmed and blocking things out. Either way, its thursday night which means survivor, hells kitchen, and 1 more day of work until the all too short weekend.

I just keep thinking about the statement from Obama's treasury secretary "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste"...well maybe not a quote, but it has kind of summed up the past week or so in politics. Whilst America is washing their hands and wearing masks and worried about swine flu, our Government is taking over the automobile industry, dictating policy to our banks, and positioning themselves for yet more erosion of personal liberty and the slow death of the free-market economy. My question is: Who plays Obama in the next Wall Street movie?

I really like what the Cards have done overall...they have mostly won the games they should have won and struggled against the really good teams. There are a lot of injuries right now and the pitiching is suspect, but overall they look good...a lot better than the Cubs..hehehe. Rams mini-camp was average, but to be expected. Hey, if they win half their games this year i think the city just might throw them a parade.

And Seriously!!!!!!!!!!! If i see 1 more TV show with the Kentucky Grilled Chicken. I want to know how much money they have spent on pushing this new product out...oh well, maybe i will try cant be that bad...afterall, Oprah endorsed it