Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16th...Running the bases

Another typical weekend. Get to listen to my 20 month old cry all day about god knows what...except..i got to get out of the house today! Took wifie and boy to the ball game. It was kids run the bases day so the boy got to go down on the field to run afterwards. Plan to post some pics and vids as soon as i figure this out! Well, here's to tomorrow and more crying!

Hate it that the Cards couldn't win today. Wainright did everything right except for 1 pitch which happened to be the difference in today's 1-0 game against the brew crew. Way too many brewers fans in the stands for my taste...geez, its like they are trying to act like cub fans or something...just strange. And it was COLD! I was actually considering the words wind chill to describe a mid may day at the ball park. Sucks! brewers in 1st cards in 2nd/3rd in the division with no end in sight. gonna be a long season, hang in there

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