Monday, June 1, 2009

Obama Motors and other really bad ideas

I will let his own words speak for themselves:
It’s “a sacrifice you may not have chose to make, but a sacrifice you are nevertheless called to make so that your children and all of our children can grow up in an America that still makes things, that still builds cars, that still strives for a better future"

I have some MAJOR issues with this...
#1: GM is in bankruptcy about 6 months later than it should have been because Obama steered Bush into bailing it out last year, continued the process in order to position the government and the auto union into the best scoring position to take it over and make it Government Motors...As Bush once said: "Mission Accomplished"
#2: We will all be making some serious sacrifices over the next 50 years to pay for all of these hairbrain ideas of his. What's next? Government control of McDonalds so they can dictate how many fat grams you can consume in a day?...Really, if you are a grown adult and you need the government to tell you everything to do, say, thing, spend, etc...please save us all some time and just jump off a cliff!. This is America, not the Soviet Union.
#3: I think the best example of how good the Cool-Aid has been consumed is in the case of Obama taking his wife to New York for dinner and a play. Here we are in tough times and he tell us all to sacrifice for our kids and yet he decides to mobilize AF1, a helicopter, motorcade and other support staff just for a date! Hell, i can't take the old lady out for dinner and i work, pay taxes, etc! And to hear that people were being pushed off the hi-way so he could come through and were cheering for him! YEAH, go OBAMA!!!! Have fun on your date while your trip pushes me off the road and reminds me of how much we are going to all be your servents...yee haw.
#4: Our goverment is sending people over to China to convince them not to balk on our debt. Right now, China is funding our debt (i.e. the stimulus package) and in leu of that, we are just printing the funny money (which is great for inflation by the way). I think it is hilarious that 55 years ago we were killing the Chi Coms by the thousands in Korea and now they freakin own half our country's future.

Sorry, its been a while but it is so frustrating to me that we have put up with every fix that Obama has said would work and things are only worse. Not just worse for the average guy losing his job, but also for all of our kids who will be born in a world where they pay taxes just to pay interest on debt that was spent on crap that did nothing except make some fat cat democrats richer. This country is going down the toilet and no opposition is being heard. I heard Rush today refer to the media as the State Run media.....seems only too appropriate considering that no matter what happens, Obama smells like a rose while all of us suffer. This SUCKS!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16th...Running the bases

Another typical weekend. Get to listen to my 20 month old cry all day about god knows what...except..i got to get out of the house today! Took wifie and boy to the ball game. It was kids run the bases day so the boy got to go down on the field to run afterwards. Plan to post some pics and vids as soon as i figure this out! Well, here's to tomorrow and more crying!

Hate it that the Cards couldn't win today. Wainright did everything right except for 1 pitch which happened to be the difference in today's 1-0 game against the brew crew. Way too many brewers fans in the stands for my taste...geez, its like they are trying to act like cub fans or something...just strange. And it was COLD! I was actually considering the words wind chill to describe a mid may day at the ball park. Sucks! brewers in 1st cards in 2nd/3rd in the division with no end in sight. gonna be a long season, hang in there

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11th, Not much to say

Pretty typical post-mother's day monday. Got up, brushed teeth, went to work, go home, soccer practice, brush teeth, go to bed. At least that is what i think is going to happen, who knows...if anything my life is about the unexpected (often horrifying) and not normal in any way. I was reading today an article in the post about a look back at what was going on in the Civil War in this area. Thus ensued an arguement that included racism accusations, liberal vs. conservative, bush and obama bashing, the works. I think bottom line is that people have A LOT to say, and are getting things out in these little tiny comment forums.

While i am of the opinion that opinions are kind of like your rear ends (everybody has one and they usually all stink)...i still think that insanity is far worse than expressing an opinion. Even if that opinion is lame, ludicrous, or just plain stupid. So, can i propose that we create a site for anyone and everyone to just randomly post thoughts...We can even seperate them into sections that make sense. We will not restrict free speech, but we will not allow threads of arguements. simply a place for people to vent. Maybe it will work, maybe not...

Oh well, off to soccer practice, listening to my dear 20month old son wine and cry and otherwise have a fabulous night.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7th---Been a while, how u doin?

Geez, what a week! it has just flown by. Has anyone ever had one of those weeks where you say, gosh i was so busy and the time went so fast but when you sit down and cant remember anything you did? Well, that's me. I feel like i must have wasted an entire week, but i know i didn't. I cant tell if i was just relaxing and re-charging or if i am just overwhelmed and blocking things out. Either way, its thursday night which means survivor, hells kitchen, and 1 more day of work until the all too short weekend.

I just keep thinking about the statement from Obama's treasury secretary "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste"...well maybe not a quote, but it has kind of summed up the past week or so in politics. Whilst America is washing their hands and wearing masks and worried about swine flu, our Government is taking over the automobile industry, dictating policy to our banks, and positioning themselves for yet more erosion of personal liberty and the slow death of the free-market economy. My question is: Who plays Obama in the next Wall Street movie?

I really like what the Cards have done overall...they have mostly won the games they should have won and struggled against the really good teams. There are a lot of injuries right now and the pitiching is suspect, but overall they look good...a lot better than the Cubs..hehehe. Rams mini-camp was average, but to be expected. Hey, if they win half their games this year i think the city just might throw them a parade.

And Seriously!!!!!!!!!!! If i see 1 more TV show with the Kentucky Grilled Chicken. I want to know how much money they have spent on pushing this new product out...oh well, maybe i will try cant be that bad...afterall, Oprah endorsed it

Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30 --- When Pigs Fly...or "Swine Flu"--get it? haha

Wow, let me tell you a little secret. shhhhh...are you listening? Hospitals absolutely hate the word "Epidemic"...only they hate the word "pandemic" even more (although granted most dont even know what that really means). What did you do all afternoon? oh, me? Well, i got to pull CDC guidelines, State procedures, policy, protocols and other stuff out of my a$$ to create a "Swine Flu Protocol". Called our software vendor and they had nothing, so i got to create all of the "tools" my docs will be using to diagnose, treat, and report swine flu. Honestly, it was fun! By tomorrow afternoon we will have an awesome set of tools to use with our electronic medical record should the need arise to diagnose, confirm, and deal with a swine flu case.

If you seriously read the above without yawning...good for you!

In truth, i think the media is all about shock and awe. Anything to get people to watch their network is news worthy. Lets see, highlights of the week::::Obama visits Central America, We get swine flu...coincidence? I Think Not!---I know, I know...its not the presidents fault...but thought bush was a bumbling idiot? have you seen the highlight reel from this dude? Bowing to the saudi prince, his wife fondling the queen of England, the special olympics jokes?...All i can say for mainstream (i.e. drive by) media is grow a pair! I mean, GW Bush would pass gas in a public setting and it ran on the crawl for 3 days and was breaking news...Obama insults himself, world leaders and flat out lies about winston churchill and the treatment of German prisoners of war in WWII and he just slides by...sorry for being sensitive but i believe in justice, not the math, check the facts, and keep score...then talk to me in two years and tell me that you are still 100% on board with the liberal regime. Anyone out there planning on buying a Chrysler in the next 3 years please raise your hand...

OK sorry for the politics...on to sports:
The Cards win in DC against the hapless Nats. ( I think you could substitute the Savannah Sand Gnats and no one would know the difference) Tavarez...aka punch the phone and break my hand in the playoffs..former Cardinal and all...lead the implosion as the Cards scored 5 runs in the 9th and improve to an NL best 16-7 (check my math please)...unbelievable...all i want to do is go off on the Cardinal front office and they keep winning!...well, i guess i can't complain after all...good job Mo, way to put together a winner!

Happy May everyone! One more month closer to irreversible global warming! hehehe

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29, 2009----St. Lou"nacy"

Did everyone hear that the president was in Arnold, MO today? If you have, can you explain to me why Arnold? Just curious. Hey, maybe he drove by the Chrysler plant on 44 and said: "can't wait to get in there and tell them what cars to make"

I am also interested in thoughts on the "Sc-airforce 1" event yesterday. Please tell me that Obama really didn't know that someone was taking HIS airplane out for a joy ride around Manhattan! Seriously, i mean i understand stealing your parent's car for a little trip now and then, but not just any joe schmo can get AF1. Estimates are that this little adventure cost you and i over 300 thousand dollars. Guess it was really important to have those pictures updated, and frighten the crap out of a bunch of New Yorkers at the same time. Again, your government at work.

Unemployment numbers this week..super high, stimulus package in--not helping. I hate the be the one to push the impatient button, but does anyone feel like all of this frivilous blowing of money that doesn't exist is going to do anything worthwhile to our lives? I guess if you build bridges you might luck out, but what about people just laid off because the service they do (retail, etc) is in lower demand? Simple fact is: people make money, people spend money. When people spend money, companies need more people to create, transport, deliver and sell said product or service. People are only going to spend money if they feel like it is in their best interest to do so. Right now, i imagine most people are tightening the wallet and will continue to do so for the near future. I really hope this thing turns around soon, but i really dont think that trillions of dollars in funny money funding government pet projects is the answer.

On to sports: Cards / Braves tonight for the rubber match. Lohse looked good last night despite puking the whole game. No offense and a struggling bullpen once again spells L for the Cards. Maybe it wouldn't have mattered, but dont you wish the front office would have picked its "low hanging fruit" from a little higher? I mean the kids are really good and will be very successful...but we have to survive to give them the chance to learn. I am ecstatic for the Cards and their 14-6 start, but wonder how long they can sustain without the solid defense and clutch pitching.

All for now, still trying to do pictures...stay tuned

Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27th --- Baseball, Politics, and Poor Investments

OK, so the Cards didn't show up to play Sunday. 10-3 loss to the Cubs not withstanding, it still was cool to be down there, in a box suite, and watchin the game (many thanks to my current employer for the great seats). Also, driving to the metro stop at Brentwood and takin the train there and back costs the same in terms of time but shaves about 20 dollars off the whole experience...just a thought...go Metro, save on parking and hassle.

Tonight, Pineiro pitches another gem as the Cards take game 1 against the "Bravos" 3-2. I grew up watching and loving everything the Braves did. Those were the days of Maddox, Avery, Smoltz and those were very good days.

On to politics...what the h3ll is up with GM? I swear its like they slept with a hooker and fell in love! Who sells a business to the Gub-Mint and the UAW. (Basically the communist 1-2 punch). So GM is going to scrap Pontiac in the near term, get rid of Saturn, Hummer, and Saab in the long term and give half of their company to the government and the unions to pay back some debt...WOW, guess i will be buying Ford soon (I drive a Pontiac now and love it by the way). Thanks GM and Obama for making sure that when i am ready to trade, my value is somewhere between a floating terd and the brown stains on the toilet seat that dont come off with bleach.

Speaking of our Premier, i mean President...seems as if the Franklin Mint and others have figured out a way to swindle millions of Americans. Not suprising as a "sucker is born every minute"---P.T. Barnum... but still...did anyone out there actually buy the 19.95 coin collection with his majesty's face on the quarters? Channel 5 here just ran piece where they exposed the coins as being very poor quality, only worth 1.25 but costing over 36.00 to the unsuspecting public hoping to cash in on a historic event in our history....People, wake up and take notes! The analogy was too perfect to pass up. You buy this coin collection for an investment of over 36.o0 after all fees only to find out that the paint peels off and its maximum value is 1.25 or the original value of the coins. The infrastructure of this country is being bought high (with your tax dollars) and will be sold low (probably to china in the form of debt)...all for what? That is the question you need to be asking! What is this country gaining? What has it gained so far? Has anything really improved? Would it have been better for the "Free Market" to have dicatated the course of this recession? History will show that this government's meddling did more to damage honest, hard working Americans than anything "big business" could have done. So please, keep your "commemorative coins" kids and grandkids will have enough debt to pay off that i am sure no one will forget this president or his legacy