Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29, 2009----St. Lou"nacy"

Did everyone hear that the president was in Arnold, MO today? If you have, can you explain to me why Arnold? Just curious. Hey, maybe he drove by the Chrysler plant on 44 and said: "can't wait to get in there and tell them what cars to make"

I am also interested in thoughts on the "Sc-airforce 1" event yesterday. Please tell me that Obama really didn't know that someone was taking HIS airplane out for a joy ride around Manhattan! Seriously, i mean i understand stealing your parent's car for a little trip now and then, but not just any joe schmo can get AF1. Estimates are that this little adventure cost you and i over 300 thousand dollars. Guess it was really important to have those pictures updated, and frighten the crap out of a bunch of New Yorkers at the same time. Again, your government at work.

Unemployment numbers this week..super high, stimulus package in--not helping. I hate the be the one to push the impatient button, but does anyone feel like all of this frivilous blowing of money that doesn't exist is going to do anything worthwhile to our lives? I guess if you build bridges you might luck out, but what about people just laid off because the service they do (retail, etc) is in lower demand? Simple fact is: people make money, people spend money. When people spend money, companies need more people to create, transport, deliver and sell said product or service. People are only going to spend money if they feel like it is in their best interest to do so. Right now, i imagine most people are tightening the wallet and will continue to do so for the near future. I really hope this thing turns around soon, but i really dont think that trillions of dollars in funny money funding government pet projects is the answer.

On to sports: Cards / Braves tonight for the rubber match. Lohse looked good last night despite puking the whole game. No offense and a struggling bullpen once again spells L for the Cards. Maybe it wouldn't have mattered, but dont you wish the front office would have picked its "low hanging fruit" from a little higher? I mean the kids are really good and will be very successful...but we have to survive to give them the chance to learn. I am ecstatic for the Cards and their 14-6 start, but wonder how long they can sustain without the solid defense and clutch pitching.

All for now, still trying to do pictures...stay tuned

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