Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22nd, 2009---its finally over...

Ahhhh, so the Blues cinderella season comes to an end in typical St. Louis fashion with an unchallenged goal at 19:42 in the 1st overtime period Tuesday night. Speaking for the 19000+ screaming fans, it SUCKED to see them go out like that. You have to credit Vancouver as they played the best, but you could just feel the energy in the place...right up to the moment that goal went past Mason and ended the Blues' brief playoff run. Oh and on a side note, traffic really sucked after the game. I will hopefully have some pics to post, the atmosphere was awesome with the front office guys even coming out during the pep rally to personally thank the fans...they have been a class act all year and have made me a hockey fan again. It felt good to get out and chill with an old friend and enjoy a little time away from the grind. Thanks to the wife for keeping the kids from going too crazy and thanks to Matt for knowing the back roads to get away from the 2 hour traffic jam.

As i write these words i am contemplating a night with more than 5 hours of wont happen, but its fun to think about anyway. Hopefully will have some more stuff tomorrow...stay tuned!

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