Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21st---Website Under Construction!

I am really looking for some help in tweaking the content of this site. I will rant and rave like i always do (those that live with or near me get it without the computer)...but I want this little site to be a comforatable place to go to catch up on sports news in the area, see some funny videos, take a poll, share your thoughts, etc. Any ideas are appreciated and welcome...please comment on the site. I am adding it as a poll question for anyone who wants to participate.

In other sports related news:
1. The Blues face off tonight against the Canucks in what will most likely
be their last game
2. The Cards send Wellemeyer to the mound tonight to face the Mets at Busch
3. The Rams are gearing up for the NFL Draft this weekend

Please try out the features on the site and let me know if they work. I especially like the search engine i created. It is pre-programmed with the keywords St. Louis Sports so if you want say tickets...just type in tickets and it will pull back relevant links. Type in scores or schedule, etc and hopefully you all will find it speeds the search and becomes an easy place to get this info. Have also added links to popular sports teams, but can always use more...please send your favs to me or add them as a comment and i will add them to the board. Thanks again!

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