Friday, April 24, 2009

April 23rd---Cards/Cubs and personal thoughts

Good Freakin Game! Just watched the man with the crazy goatie (aka Franklin) close out a wild and wooly one at Busch. Cards 1 Cubs 0 (this round anyway). Good Luck to the RedBirds tomorrow.

Anyone watch Southland? Not sure about this show yet. Kinda feel like someone is replacing ER with the less attractive but more provocative replacement. It has its moments, but still not quite sure

Had fun today taking Boy #1 for some allergy testing. The end result after an hour and a half of fun and lots of little holes in his back is: no allergies! You would think that would help me, but all it does is make me more crazy. Looks like its claritin and nose spray for EVER! yeah us!...In truth all i want is for the boys to feel better and stop getting sick. I would like just 1 weekend at home when a kid is not on antibiotics, steroids, or some other means of keeping them "healthy". Maybe when they are 12 right?

Prayers for my dear mother. She is in NorthWest Haiti serving as a Nurse in a medical mission. It seems to have become her passion and I am so proud of her and all of the good things she does. Hope that the crew there touches lots of lives for the better and gets home safe when their job is done

Looking forward to Soccer game #3 tommorrow. Seems that the "Blue Sharks" are facing up agains the "white" team. Game time is 11:00am...hopefully the weather is good and the kids have fun.

Anyone wanting some politics fun...check out the Missouri House of Representatives. There is a story about how the House Republicans want to take a lot of the federal stimulus funds and convert them into "refund" checks to all tax payers in the state....I will let everyone draw their own conclusions on that one. There is a nice little discussion going on check it out if interested...look for the story and read the comments. I guess if everyone just took the money and gave it right to the people then...maybe...just maybe...we would no longer have a mortgage crisis or credit crunch...all the bills would get paid and the banks would be solvent again...guess i just think its a little stupid to throw our kids money away on stuff that is never going to help anyone. Oh well...thanks for reading...suggestions are always welcome..

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