Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday the 17th-The beginning of a great sports weekend in the STL

The weather outside is absolutely gorgeous today! Hopefully gone are the dreary gray skies and snow flurries. Bring on the Sprummer (yep..we almost skipped through spring so i will call it sprummer from now on) Here is what America's Best Sports City has on tap today...

1:20pm local time: Cards/Cubs in urine drenched Wrigley Field. The Cards will send Rookie P.J. Walters to the mound to face the great Z in a NL Central Showdown. Maybe the cubbies can put a choke collar on Bradley so he will stop losing them games. Cardinal nation hopes that they can bounce back quickly and decisively from the loss (suprise) of Carpenter after yet another season threatening injury.

8:45pm local time: Blues/Canucks from sunny Vancouver Canada. Here the Blues hope to bounce back from a hard fought loss to the Canucks Wednesday night. There were hang-over's a plenty yesterday as weary blues fans made their way to work nursing the effects of "a few too many" from celebrating the Blues' first playoff appearance since '04. (NOTE) if you have been in the 'Lou for a while you may remember back in 2002 or 2003 that a picture ran in the post dispatch that showed a couple of guys reading a story about the blues and the caption was "Its April, must be time for Blues playoff hockey" Point: This city used to be spoiled by perinneal appearances by the blues who would surely fall in the first or second rounds....This team just seems like it is made of different stuff. Hopefully a good time to be had by all tonight and lets bring it back home tied 1-1!

Tomorrow morning: The "Blue Sharks" will take on (another team color) in friendly community soccer play. We will have pictures and will then watch as 16 kids run up and down a soccer field attempting not to run each other over. Be prepared for laughs, tears, drama and boo boos. Really though, if i had thought that 5 year old soccer kids and games were so much fun i would still be playing...Good Luck teams, just remember that the scores are never posted but never forgotten either!

Have a great weekend all!

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