Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 24th---Cards win...Rams Draft

Gotta love they way the Cards spanked the Cubs today (unless you are a cubs fan that is)...but c'mon you throw a fast ball at puhols when the bases are loaded? Of Course you do, if you want him to hit it to Mars..which he did!...awesome game...Thanks to the bosses at St. Lukes i have suite tickets for tomorrow's game! Can't wait...Go CARDS!!!!!

Rams drafted an OT and a MLB today. Eh, ok...not a sexy set of pics, but probably exactly what the new football gurus at Rams park wanted. Hard workin, gutsy guys who bring a team mentality. No Southern California divas to distract the locker room or rankle the midwest fans here. Cant wait to see what Day 2 brings...hoping this team can get its act together....really sucks around here in football season when we suck

Had Soccer game today...If anyone knows how to teach a bunch of 5 year olds how to go to the ball and play offense please send your suggestions.

Looks like Mizzou and Georgia made out good in terms of their former players goin to the NFL congrats to both.

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