Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30 --- When Pigs Fly...or "Swine Flu"--get it? haha

Wow, let me tell you a little secret. shhhhh...are you listening? Hospitals absolutely hate the word "Epidemic"...only they hate the word "pandemic" even more (although granted most dont even know what that really means). What did you do all afternoon? oh, me? Well, i got to pull CDC guidelines, State procedures, policy, protocols and other stuff out of my a$$ to create a "Swine Flu Protocol". Called our software vendor and they had nothing, so i got to create all of the "tools" my docs will be using to diagnose, treat, and report swine flu. Honestly, it was fun! By tomorrow afternoon we will have an awesome set of tools to use with our electronic medical record should the need arise to diagnose, confirm, and deal with a swine flu case.

If you seriously read the above without yawning...good for you!

In truth, i think the media is all about shock and awe. Anything to get people to watch their network is news worthy. Lets see, highlights of the week::::Obama visits Central America, We get swine flu...coincidence? I Think Not!---I know, I know...its not the presidents fault...but thought bush was a bumbling idiot? have you seen the highlight reel from this dude? Bowing to the saudi prince, his wife fondling the queen of England, the special olympics jokes?...All i can say for mainstream (i.e. drive by) media is grow a pair! I mean, GW Bush would pass gas in a public setting and it ran on the crawl for 3 days and was breaking news...Obama insults himself, world leaders and flat out lies about winston churchill and the treatment of German prisoners of war in WWII and he just slides by...sorry for being sensitive but i believe in justice, not the math, check the facts, and keep score...then talk to me in two years and tell me that you are still 100% on board with the liberal regime. Anyone out there planning on buying a Chrysler in the next 3 years please raise your hand...

OK sorry for the politics...on to sports:
The Cards win in DC against the hapless Nats. ( I think you could substitute the Savannah Sand Gnats and no one would know the difference) Tavarez...aka punch the phone and break my hand in the playoffs..former Cardinal and all...lead the implosion as the Cards scored 5 runs in the 9th and improve to an NL best 16-7 (check my math please)...unbelievable...all i want to do is go off on the Cardinal front office and they keep winning!...well, i guess i can't complain after all...good job Mo, way to put together a winner!

Happy May everyone! One more month closer to irreversible global warming! hehehe

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